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B. King

So last night my 4 year old granddaughter wanted to read a book to us before she went to bed. Before she started reading she points to the cover of the book and said, "What's this?" Naturally Papaw said a princess. She said, "No, pay attention and I will teach you." Then she says "this is the front cover, this is the back cover and this is the spine. Ok now you tell me what each one is" After Papaw passed the test she open the cover of the book and says, "do you know what the writer does?" We couldn't quiet make out the word she said (writer) and then she said, "that is who puts the words in the book" Then she said, "and do you know what the illustrator does?" At this point, I have caught on and said, "Yes, they draw the pictures for the book." I got a "very good mamaw, you are learning!" I was so proud of her !! Those are some big words for a little girl ! I am loving the new school!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the teachers and people involved with her, you are fantastic !!!!!          

E. Jordan

Coral Reef Academy has been amazing to my daughter and myself. The Staff is very welcoming and they give a positive atmosphere at all times. Everyone is always showing the love they have for the children. They all are very hard workers, engaging, have positive vibe and smiling faces. Awesome team with a heart of gold and I appreciate everything they are doing for my daughter and all the children at Coral Reef Academy. I Salute you all and keep up the Awesome job you all are doing for the children and keeping them safe as having wonderful  teaching methods. #1Staff Teamwork make the Dream Work.                 Thank you, Ms. Jordan

D. Shaeffer

My grandsons attend Coral Reef Academy and I am very pleased with the teachers and staff.   The director,  Krystle,  is very professional and courteous.   She is always ready to listen to the needs of staff as well as students.  Keep up the great job!


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