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Preschoolers are like sponges – they soak up knowledge. Coral Reef Academy, follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices set forth by national accrediting associations. Social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills are built through activities that engage children – counting out straws for milk, identifying the first letter of each child’s name, or cooperating to assemble a puzzle. Here they learn everything they need to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Within our comfortable, encouraging environment children deepen knowledge, free from the fear of mistakes and failures.

We offer Voluntary Prekindergarten Program at our academy. This program is offered free for all children preparing for kindergarten the following school year. We provide a structured learning environment using the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is a thematic based curriculum which encourages teachers to be creative in their teaching approach but still stay within guidelines, and is a state approved curriculum. Our classrooms are divided into five learning areas: Language, Imaginative Play, Science, Block Area and Manipulative Area. Your child has many options of exploration. Beyond these centers we also provide oppurtunities for children to explore games on the computer and books on tape are. Outside we offer a large, shaded playground.


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