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3 Year Olds

3 Year Olds

Every child’s development is unique and complex. Three year olds learn primarily through exploring, using all senses. They become better able to ignore distractions and focus on tasks at hand. They love to listen to and understand conversations, stories, songs and poems. They are learning their letters and realize that print in a book tells readers what to say. Our three year old classroom is a rich print environment that enables our three year olds to explore through play and our classes provide our 3-year-olds the ability to busily explore their world around them. At Coral Reef we enable our three’s to perfect motor skills, both gross motor and fine motor with an array of activities that nourishes them both. Children are engaged in activities that are enjoyable to them while they learn the important skills that are going to help prepare them for the upcoming V.P.K class and for Kindergarten.


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