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Every moment with an infant is precious and we take advantage of that. We coo, cuddle, rock, sing and bond with your baby. Our specially designed infant care rooms are places where babies feel safe, secure and happy. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, and a “no-uncovered-shoes” policy, ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces. Through simple games like peek-a-boo, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants develop motor skills.
But we never forget that you are your child’s most important teacher, so we’ll work with you, give you daily reports and offer tips on how to reinforce what your child learns in his or her time with us.

We maintain an open door policy for parents. You are invited and welcome to visit Coral Reef Academy anytime your children are present but you are asked to avoid visiting during “rest time” as much as possible. We also keep classroom sizes to a minimum, so please make arrangements early.


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