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2 Year Olds

2 Year Olds

The older the children are, the more inquisitive they become. At Coral Reef Academy, we do all we can to satisfy that natural curiosity. Within our home-like environment, your older toddler is free to be anything from an artist to an engineer. Playing “pretend,” learning games, hands-on activities – these are just a few of the ways we keep kids engaged. Since learning how to relate to others is important, we do large and small group activities every day.  We spend time outside in our large playground equipped with a jungle-gym, climbing toys, sand play and many other hands on, stimulating activities.


Coral Reef Academy encourages kids’ natural curiosity and willingness to try new things, so children can discover the ways that they learn best. In addition to basic skills, your child learns to enjoy self-direction, self-reliance and self-esteem.

Toilet training will also be introduced on an individual basis as your child shows signs of readiness.


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